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acroread RPM : Dries RPM Repository

General info:

Name: acroread
Summary: Adobe Reader for viewing PDF files
Authority: dag
Version: 7.0.9
Release: 1
Epoch: (none)
License: Commercial, Freely Distributable
Group: Applications/Publishing
Adobe Reader is part of the Adobe Acrobat family of software,
which lets you view, distribute, and print documents in Portable
Document Format (PDF)--regardless of the computer, operating system,
fonts, or application used to create the original file.

PDF files retain all the formatting, fonts, and graphics of the
original document, and virtually any PostScript(TM) document can
be converted into a PDF file. Adobe Acrobat Reader have a plug-in
for Netscape Navigator to to view PDF files inline


Release 7.0.5-2

Fedora Core 5 for i386 (fc5-i386)


Fedora Core 4 for i386 (fc4-i386)


Source rpms:

acroread-7.0.9-1.el5.rf.nosrc.rpm (el5-i386)
acroread-7.0.9-1.el5.rf.nosrc.rpm (el5-x86_64)
acroread-7.0.9-1.el4.rf.nosrc.rpm (el4-i386)
acroread-7.0.9-1.el3.rf.nosrc.rpm (el3-i386)
acroread-7.0.9-1.fc3.rf.nosrc.rpm (fc3-i386)
acroread-7.0.5-2.2.fc4.rf.nosrc.rpm (fc4-i386)
acroread-7.0.9-1.fc4.rf.nosrc.rpm (fc4-i386)
acroread-7.0.5-2.2.fc5.rf.nosrc.rpm (fc5-i386)
acroread-7.0.9-1.fc5.rf.nosrc.rpm (fc5-i386)
acroread-7.0.9-1.fc6.rf.nosrc.rpm (fc6-i386)
acroread-7.0.9-1.fc7.rf.nosrc.rpm (fc7-i386)
acroread-7.0.9-1.fc7.rf.nosrc.rpm (fc7-x86_64)
acroread-7.0.9-1.fc8.rf.nosrc.rpm (fc8-i386)

Spec info:

Spec filename: acroread.spec
View spec: acroread spec file
Rpmforge Subversion URL:

Pydar2 info:Id in db: 1927
Checksum: 1168524246-6155

Versions in pydar2:

version 12952 of acroread
version 11289 of acroread
version 10189 of acroread
version 6610 of acroread
version 6435 of acroread
version 6388 of acroread
version 6376 of acroread
version 6338 of acroread
version 4636 of acroread
version 4309 of acroread
version 1927 of acroread

More information can be found at the new acroread rpm page which is still work in progress.